What is the best hospital to go to for heart surgery?

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The Cleveland Clinic is one of the most highly regarded hospitals for heart surgery. In fact, US News and World Report rates them #1 in the nation. Bottom line, the Cleveland Clinic is seen as the best heart hospital in the US. One of the main reasons for this excellent rating is the very high rate of successful surgeries performed there.

Heart surgery patients treated at the Cleveland Clinic have a much better than expected survival rating and the sheer number of patients to base this information on is very high. Since the clinic has one of the highest volumes of heart patients, there is a large pool to draw success statistics from.

Of course, the large number of heart patients treated also shows that surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic are very experienced and perform the procedures more often than most other hospitals. This goes a long way toward putting them at the top of the heart charts, so to speak. Their vast experience and success rate also attract patients who feel confident in the care they will receive.

Daily care, which is often what impacts patients most, is excellent here as well, where the nurse to patient ratio is one of the best in the nation. In fact the hospital is recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as meeting high standards for nursing excellence. Cleveland Clinic is considered a nurse magnet hospital.

Doctors also rate the clinic highly and it enjoys a very strong reputation among physicians surveyed by the US News. One reason for that is something which benefits patients as well, advanced technology. The clinic boasts the highest number of important heart surgery and treatment technologies available anywhere in the US. Advanced technology includes such things as cardiac intensive care, heart transplants and very advanced CT scanning equipment among other high tech tools and procedures.

To arrange for care at the Cleveland Clinic, doctors can be researched and appointments set conveniently online at My.clevelandclinic.org. A wealth of information is available about heart conditions, surgery and other treatments on the excellent site. For instance, there are weekly doctor –hosted health chats on different heart related medical subjects. The chats are free to those who simply register online. Patients can access their medical charts and history online and even get a second opinion on the web.

Visit the dedicated heart health section of the website for the very latest information on heart ailments and treatments. Initial questions can be directed to a heart and vascular nurse via online chat.

Choosing a hospital for your heart surgery is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You can’t afford to wait a moment longer. You can’t afford to make the wrong choice. For peace of mind during this trying time, make things simple and go for the best heart hospital. Choose the world-recognized expert in heart care, the Cleveland Clinic.

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